It’s the little things …… the simple things, the small niceties

That make a relationship work…….. It’s those small bids to connect……… Like making your partner a cup of tea in the morning while making your own cup. While out doing the grocery shopping, noticing your partner’s favourite food is on special and putting it in your trolley. Or coming home from grocery shopping with a little treat for your partner. When at a restaurant knowing what your partner would like to eat and making sure it [...]

Try something new with your partner to ignite the spark and reconnect

So many couples that I have seen recently seem to have a hangover fatigue from long lockdowns and covid pressures leading to a listlessness and need for something new, to reset and find some positivity and a renewed sense of hope. On saying this and I have encouraged countless couples over the years, that in order to reconnect you need to find a new activity that you do together.  This means that neither of you is [...]

Parenting as a team

Raising children is hard but raising children with a disability or special needs, adds additional challenges. That is why it is so important to be a team, a “united front.” To be on side, to be each other’s ally’s and support, work on a plan together on how to manage everything, from discipline to schooling, food and eating habits to socializing and recreation. What are your expectations? Do you have the same values and expectations as [...]

12 ways to be a better partner

Start today because we can all benefit from making some changes. Being in a marriage or committed partnership all requires work.  Think about what type of partner you would like to be, and where you could make some improvements. Do you need to work on your communication, or try to connect more with your partner, are you aware of yourself and your bad habits?  We all have areas that we need to work on. Do a [...]

How To Manage Different Parenting Styles

Raising children can be tough. Raising children with two different parenting styles can be tougher! Learn how to navigate these partner challenges here. This is a common theme arising lately and exacerbated due to the long winter covid lockdown. The way we live in the world since covid has changed. More couples find themselves if not working from home, at least working between the office and home.  So there has been more involvement of each parent [...]

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The 5 languages of apology – couples counselling northern beaches

(My interpretation from Gary Chapmans book the 5 languages of apology) An Apology is 5 things: Expressing regret – “I am sorry.”  Accepting responsibility – “I was wrong.”  Making restitution – “What can I do to make it right?”  Genuinely repenting - “I will try not to do that again.”  Requesting forgiveness – “Will you please forgive me?”  Now in my experience I have found that for some people they need to hear the words - [...]

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Setting up a new ritual to help build a connection with your partner – marriage counselling northern beaches

In today’s fast paced busy lifestyle there are times we just don’t get to connect and check in with our partners the way we need to.  I found this article , regarding marriage counselling in the northern beaches, that I am adapting which really struck a chord with me.   There are two questions that really resonated with me. The first is “What would you like to be acknowledged for this week?”  On hearing that it could [...]