People often mistakenly think that it is the grand gestures that keep a couple together, that keep them connected, but this is far from the reality. 

Grand gestures are fun and can be expensive, not frequent enough, or can even be overwhelming. I once had a couple where the husband thought the wife should be grateful that he took her on overseas holidays every few years and that should be enough. Besides that, the couple basically lived separate lives. Now that is not enough to feel connected.

And so, it is the little things done often that build that healthy connection. For my husband and I it is committing to training sessions at the local gym together. Being part of your partner’s fitness goals and helping to motivate each other. And as he said to me today, he is glad I am there so that the trainer corrects me and not him!

Another little thing that is so easy and enjoyable is taking your dog for a walk. I have found that couples young and old can relate to this activity. It is simple, uncomplicated, and good exercise for both you and your dog. Time spent walking side by side is also very non-confrontational and relaxing. 

During the working week it is good to have a series that you watch together. Sit on the same couch and put your devices down and follow it together. Maybe take turns to be the one to choose the series. This is a simple way to connect, but so much better than you each going off to your own spaces and watching your own shows. 

Then many couples or families have pizza Friday’s or margarita Friday’s – these add a bit of fun to the end of the working week and it is the little rituals and traditions that bind us together.  

So why not start with a few simple things that are easy to action and can fit into your weekly schedule. Remember it is by doing small things often that strengthens your connection.