In these trying and uncertain times when you suddenly find yourselves stuck together for lengthy periods it is a good idea to set up a set of rules to live by. 

Relationship councilling can help you to not all get down and demotivated lets agree to: 

  1. Stick to a routine  – have a set bedtime and time to get up each morning. Weekends can be on a different schedule. This allows for more normality. Keep weekends less structured and have that late bedtime and sleep in if you can!
  2. Get up, wash and get dressed – doing so will make you more productive. 
  3. Have a plan for the day. Space out time to work with breaks in between to attend to household duties, allow for time to have meals and tea and coffee breaks. 
  4. Divide the household duties working out what each of you agrees is fair and put it into practice with each of you having your set duties. 
  5. Allow for space and time apart from each other. This is very important – even if you love your partner dearly, many people do need some time on their own in their own space to recharge their batteries. Suggestions here are take turns to go out on a walk/run, take a drive down to the beach. Being in nature is healing. If we are unable to leave our homes, come to a compromise by agreeing to be in a different room/space for some of the time. 
  6. Be kind to your partner! Every time you get into their space try not to be negative constantly, don’t every time you lay eyes on them ask them to do something for you. 
  7. If you have children at home, agree on rules around how you spend time with them. Both of you should use the time to bond with the children and as a family. You can make this a special coming together to get through this. Now’s the time to bring out those old board games, or invent your own games. The family that plays together is the family that stays together!