That make a relationship work……..

It’s those small bids to connect………

Like making your partner a cup of tea in the morning while making your own cup.

While out doing the grocery shopping, noticing your partner’s favourite food is on special and putting it in your trolley.

Or coming home from grocery shopping with a little treat for your partner.

When at a restaurant knowing what your partner would like to eat and making sure it is on the menu.

When choosing a tv series or a movie, knowing what topics and type of genre your partner finds interesting and committing to watch the series with them.

When you go out and it is raining, understanding that your partner doesn’t want to get their hair wet for fear of it frizzing and you being the one to brave the rain!

For always being courteous and saying “thank you “after a meal even if it is not the greatest culinary experience.

For being there to listen to stories about the children’s ins and outs even if you find it tedious and hard to relate to.

For always being kind and accepting your partner’s family and friends and offering hospitality.

For being able to take care of your own emotional needs, having your own interests and hobbies and not being needy.

For always being interested in new ideas, up to go out and do things, explore, visit, exercise. In other words, not being a couch potato or a drag. Not being grumpy.

For knowing when to motivate and push your partner, challenge, and support your partner with their best interests in mind while understanding their challenges and limitations.

But also, for respecting your partner’s boundaries and knowing your non negotiables.

For being able to put your partner’s needs before your own or at least on a par with your own needs.

For being able to laugh with your partner, make your partner laugh and sharing common humour.

For looking on the bright side of things and being able to put things into perspective, even when times are tough.

For wanting to make you happy, even though we know that happiness comes from inside us and is no one’s responsibility but our own.

For kissing you goodnight each night and saying, “I love you.

For always being KIND…..kindness is key.  It goes such a long way to making things right.