Finding your life partner is a big a deal. It is an exciting journey, but also one with many speed bumps along the way. Pre-marriage counselling provides an opportunity to smooth out these bumps, however big and small, and leave your relationship prepared and ready for the adventure that lies ahead.

Through my extensive experience, I bring a unique and emphatic approach to prepare couples with what it takes for a happy and successful life together. I incorporate a range of counselling methods and techniques in each session, tailored to meet the needs, wants and common goals of my clients.

My sessions take on a collaborative approach, covering but not limited to:

  • Understand your love languages.
  • Work through conflicts.
  • What are your roles within the relationship.
  • Do you plan to have a family?

Look at your love languages – how can you best love your partner?

Look at your anatomy of conflict – analyse what happens when there is conflict. Understand each of your responses, work on ways to improve the communication with tools to assist in defusing the confrontation and resolving the issue in a timely manner.

Do you plan to have children? How many? How will things change when you have children? Will one of you stop working to take care of them? How will this impact your lifestyle?

These are just some of the areas I will work through to get a better understanding and clarity for the couple approaching their nuptials.

Give me a call so that we can start working on building that happy journey together.

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