Relationship & Marriage

I am a dedicated couples counsellor with over 10 years experience 110% committed to assisting couples navigate relationship challenges.

  • Has your communication broken down?
  • Are you feeling disconnected or lonely in your marriage/partnership?
  • Are you constantly fighting or just avoiding each other?
  • Have you stopped having fun, stopped laughing and enjoying each other?
  • Do you need guidance to work through infidelity?
  • Are you finding you have different expectations for the future?

I have a straightforward, practical, non-judgemental approach.

My extensive experience as a counsellor and relationship specialist has enabled me to provide a practical and holistic approach with all my clients. Each client is unique and requires a varied method of counselling approaches/techniques, questions and exercises to progress forward. I honour this through my thorough, patient and personalised style of therapy, where the comfort and understanding of my client is my topmost concern.

Relationships are like a business, you can’t just take but you need to keep working on them. I appreciate that life brings all sorts of complexities into the mix, and often, relationships can be neglected, taken for granted and left to bear the weight of life’s toughest challenges. This is where I come in, and I assure you it is not all bad news. Reconnecting through therapy sessions can be a very positive and rewarding experience. For many, this process can even leave you and your partner experiencing a stronger and more united bond than ever before.

The first step is always the hardest, and I encourage you to take it. Choose to better yourselves and better your relationship. Relationship counselling is a journey, trust the process and lets make your relationship goals a reality.

Please give me a call now to start the process.

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