In today’s fast paced busy lifestyle there are times we just don’t get to connect and check in with our partners the way we need to. 

I found this article , regarding marriage counselling in the northern beaches, that I am adapting which really struck a chord with me.  

There are two questions that really resonated with me. The first is “What would you like to be acknowledged for this week?” 

On hearing that it could make you feel really seen and you could have the chance to either let your partner know about all the little supposedly small things of not much consequence which collectively you do all the time; or it may be something you really feel you excelled at and accomplished a difficult task. No matter what, it is your time to share and then in turn, to ask the same question of your partner. 

This will give you more understanding and following from that more empathy for your partner as you both have a turn to feel heard and valued, for both the big and the small things we all need to get through for our families to run smoothly.

The second question that I felt was also very important was. “What would you like me to know about your life?” Now this could be on a more personal note, for instance you could be fretting on hearing the results of a medical workup on your elderly parents, or even procrastinating over going for medical tests you need to do but are too scared to do, you might have a company review coming up and getting your partner to take time out to be interested and reassure you, will go a very long way. After your turn, it is your partner’s turn to let you know how things are going for them in their life.  

If one in the couple is chattier, be aware that both of you need time to share and see to it that you draw each other out and ask pertinent questions leading to a healthy meaningful dialogue.