Sex – the story of the ovens and the microwaves!!

This is so true….a client once said to me…..

“Women are like ovens – we take a very, very long time to warm up,

And men are like microwaves, they are instant.”

And what this means is that for a possibility of intimacy with your boyfriend or husband later, the husband must be kind to the wife in the morning, check in with her when he gets home and spend time talking to her and being helpful, and then maybe when they go to bed, she will feel like making love to her husband.

Sadly, for men it doesn’t go the other way around. If he hasn’t put in the time and effort to talk to her and show support and kindness, and men are very visual, she might find herself undressing and he thinks, “game on”, and she thinks, “what planet are you on?” The woman is not feeling connected.

And so, for intimacy to flow it is important for the husband to put the time in beforehand and then hopefully the wife will feel like being intimate with him later.

I also liken sex to food.

Sometimes we can just have a quick snack and sometimes it’s the king’s ransom – it’s a huge feast with many courses.
So, at times, there is nothing wrong in having the “quickie” while on other occasions you spend quality time building up to a very special lovemaking encounter.

It does not have to always be the same and with communication and understanding of your partner and their needs, all of these can work.

If you are finding it difficult to negotiate and work around different libido’s- give me a call and we can have an honest enlightening conversation to help clarify and work on a way forward that will work for both of you.