My spouse and I had a fabulous experience with Karen. We both really liked the counseling approach she took whereas we had a session as a couple, then each individual sessions and another couples session. We both felt heard and validated in what we were individually feeling and she helped us see things from each others perspective. 

With one child and another on the way, we wanted to walk into the next stage of our lives well equipped and as strong as possible. We felt that Karen provided us with the tools we needed to do so. 

Months later, I can confirm that we are utilizing those tools. Even through the sleep deprivation of a newborn, we feel stronger than before. 

Thank- you, Karen.

Thanks Karen,
Your words and advice were truly invaluable!
My husband heard everything I had to say and said sorry. I felt he was genuine. Since then he has been  attentive and more affectionate.
So far so good.
THANKYOU again for everything.

You are a true gem and we are so grateful to have found you Karen. Counselling with you has opened our relationship up and refreshed it to where it once was. You transitioned between our positions and we were easily able to see the roadblocks we had in our own singular visions. We could not have had the insights or the outcomes without your gentle guidance. No sides were taken and we both felt equally heard and supported by you which created the pathway to resolving our situation in only 2 sessions.

A big thank you to Karen for her support, I feel like she has helped us to press ‘reset’ on our relationship. We found ourselves in a pattern of behaviour that we could not break and her kind, approachable, non-bias and non-judgemental approach helped us break down some habits and build some tools to allow us to be happy and light again.

Thank you x


Thanks so much for your help Karen. It was just what we needed to get us out of a negative pattern. We have been good together (even in lockdown)

Karen is patient, independent and kind in her approach to both partners. Karen has provided us both with practical feedback and exercises to complete to assist us in how we view one another and how best to communicate with one another. Karen’s feedback has proven invaluable as we prepared for our upcoming nuptials. We would highly recommend Karen to our parents, friends and family!

Eighteen months ago our marriage was not in a good place. It was stressed, confused and suffering a total break down in communication.

It was a daunting step to reach out to someone you had never met before and ask for help but, we are so grateful that we took it. Karen was kind, she related to and listened to both of us, identified our issues quickly and spoke frankly to us about the changes we needed to make in our behaviour for there to be an improvement in our relationship.

We are still together and the last twelve months have been great! We still might have some disagreements but improved communication now helps us resolve them and move on.

If we had not taken the step to seek help our situation could be so very different.

Thanks Karen Adams!

Hi Karen

Just wanted to let you know that the exercises “homework” you provided are going really well. Thank you very, very much.

Thanks Karen!!

Oh Hi Karen!!

We are going well! Things have improved, especially our communication and “####” will actually sit down and talk! We are both making much more of an effort. Can’t thank you enough for helping us make the strides we have already x

Hi Karen

Thank you so much. Things are really good and we are both working really hard at it. We have been talking more, been on date nights and just nicer to each other so thank you so much. I honestly can’t thank you enough for saving our marriage!! … May 2019

Karen, just wanted to say

thank you for today. It was a difficult start … we both came home (without arguing!) and did the exercises which I found surprising very helpful … March 2019

Hi Karen

I can’t thank you enough. It is such a relief to be sitting here on a Monday morning feeling that “####” and I have had a good weekend where we have actually been able to communicate, connect and give each other the space we need to do our own stuff …. March 2019

I never expected …

you to be following us up on the weekend in your time just to check in. It was those few contacts that really saved us. thanks Karen from both of us. Pam ….. February 2019

I had serious doubts …

that you would be able to help us. The fact that you were able to talk directly to us without ever appearing to take sides in hindsight was amazing. We both needed to hear what you had to say. Thanks again Karen. We will be in touch for regular followups. R & D …. February 2019

I chose Karen…

…because she was local. Although that was absolutely necessary given both our commitments … work and kids … that is not why I would recommend her now. She quickly got to the heart of our issues and really helped us see how poor communication was destroying our marriage. Robert ….. December 2018

I would like to say a big thank you to Karen

I know we only met twice but she provided me with an outlet to express my true feelings about my relationship, something I had not been able to face. To be able to talk about my thoughts and feelings without being judged allowed me to see clearer. Furthermore, you gave me the tools that allowed me to see the truth.

Karen is a truly warm, supportive and sincere human being

who is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

I’d like to acknowledge …

and thank Karen sincerely for my amazing transformation. Karen is very passionate about her work with a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who needs a life changing experience.

Now we know … (for Karen)

We never really understood the difference between a counsellor and a relationship counsellor. We first got a referral to a psychologist by our GP, and then we tried a local counsellor. Both were lovely people, very caring and knowledgeable. But our marriage continued to deteriorate. Thank you soo much for the help you gave us. The process, structure and worksheets were fantastic – concise and understandable, even my husband read them. Our marriage has gone from a 2 out of 10 to a 7 … and continues to get better. We can’t recommend you (Karen) strongly enough.


Thanks Karen,

you have been an angel. You got right to the core of the problems, and weren’t afraid to speak directly to both of us. I thought it was all my husband’s fault, but now understand that ‘it takes two’ is not just a clique.

H & H

Dear Karen,

We both want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping us, we were on the downslope to nothing good but feel happy and much better about life in general and our Family.

Kind regards K & P M

So thanks once again Karen.

It is amazing

how you were able to get me to view the situation differently by just asking some simple questions. And it was not about right and wrong, just one interpretation vs another. Thanks Karen – I will try and apply this technique myself when I am getting upse over something that really doens’t matter.

Thank you

I am finally able to forgive my husband even though I still cannot forget what he did. At least I know where to go now Karen when I need someone to talk to.

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